The Races of Slaughtertown.

PC races

Humans (0)

As everywhere, humans are the baseline. They have no special template.

Frothers (0)

Frothers are listed as a Race in the SLA materials, but in GURPS terms they are humans. In this game a Frother will be set apart by his addictions to combat drugs. This is what earns you the label. Thus Frothers have no template.

Note however that Frothers are numerous enough that they form a subculture, and that peer and other pressures do seem to push a certain attitude in the community. The wearing of kilts and the weilding of Claymores are among the charcteristics, and a code favouring personal bravado in close and bloody combat can be taken by such characters (Frother Code: -5 points).

Shaktar (73)

Aliens. A massive race with a talent and makeup for direct and brutal violence. They are also a culture bent on the concepts of personal honour in their dealings with the world.

Attributes: ST +5 (45), DX +1 (20), IQ-1 (-20), Will +1 (5), SM +1 (0)

Advantages: Claws (Talons) (8), Damage Resistance 2 (10), Enhanced Move (Ground) ½ (10), Extended Lifespan 1 (2), Extra Arm (Prehensile Tail) (Extra-flexible +50%, Long (SM +1) +100%, Accessibility (Only grasping arm/leg diameter (app. 5", SM -7) or smaller) -40%, Clumsy (-2) -40%, Limited Arc (Behind) -40%, No Physical Attack -50%, Weak (½xST) -25%) (6), Teeth (Fangs) (2)

Disadvantages: Shaktarian Honour Code (-10, largely equivalent to the Code of Bushido), Social Stigma (Alien) (-5)

Wraith Raiders (70)
Wraith raider

Another alien race with a hunters physique, mind and approach to life.

Attributes: DX +2 (40), Per +2 (10)

Advantages: Claws (Sharp) (5), Combat Reflexes (15), Enhanced Move [Ground) 1 (20), Fit (5), Teeth (Sharp) (1), Temperature Tolerance (Low) (1)

Disadvantages: Callous/CoH: Natures Ways (-5), Short Attention Span (15-) (-5), Short Lifespan 1 (-10), Social Stigma (Alien) (-5)

Quirks: Increased Consumption (-1), Dislikes Hot Climates (-1)

Ebon (38)

The Ebon are much like humans in appearance, exept for their eyes, who are milky white, without discernible irises or pupils, and general complexion/coloration, which is often extreme from a human viewpiont. Style is likewise often flamoyant and colourful.

As Ebb users they are keen on “ethical” use of those powers, frowning on hurtful powers and favouring supportive/healing/restraining abilities.

Attributes: IQ +2 (40)

Secondary Attributes: Will -1 (-5)

Advantages: Appearance (Attractive) (4), Sensitive (5), Talent: Ebb 1 (10)

Disadvantages: Code of Honour: Ebon Ebb Ethics (no “blasting”) (-5), At least 10 points in mental disadvantages of a “do-gooder” or “suffering” bent.

Quirks: Distictive Features: Ebon Complexion/Coloration (-1)

Brainwasters (9)
Brain waster

Brainwasters are a subset of the Ebon race, a type of individual that occurs once in a while, much like human albinos or dwarfs. They are characterized by the area around their eyes appearing charred and blackened in addition to the usual white eyes of the Ebon, and are usually an eerie sight to behold. Brainwaster culture is Black – in appearance, style and mindset.

As Ebb users they are bent on destructive powers, favouring these types of abilities over the ones preferred by their bretheren.

Attributes: IQ +1 (20)

Advantages: Talent: Ebb 1 (10)

Disadvantages: Selfish (-5) plus at least 15 more points of mental disadvantages of a “high-strung” and/or “nasty” bent.

Quirks: Distictive Features: Brainwaster Complexion/Coloration (-1)

NPC Races


313 Stormer

A massive and nightmarish bioengineered race built by Karma industries as soldiery for the SLA.

711 Xeno
Stomer711 xeno

A smaller, stealth-oriented combat Stormer.

714 Chagrin
Stormer714 chagrin

A truly massive, tusked combat stormer.


A bioengineered race with extensive bodyaltering abilities


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