Equipment in the Slaughtertown game.

An initial note – as the game begins, equipment for characters is rather limited (see the charaacter generation notes). When something is mentioned as “available” it can be taken to mean “in the setting” rather than for the characters directly.



The staples of the SLA milieu are the guns available. Most can be matched to various Ultra-Tech equivalents.

Some examples:

GA47 – Heavy Pistol, 10mmCLP
GA50 – Assault Carbine, 7mmCL

FEN 603 – Machine Pistol, 10mmCLP
FEN 204 – Urban Assault Weapon (not a perfect match, but … ;-)
FEN AR – Storm Carbine


If something exotic is wanted, like the razorwire-shooting gun, call me :-). If you want something from the GURPS arsenal (like eg. the Gatling Carbine), we’ll call it something cool and add it in.

Most ammo is available in APHC, with the more exotic and expensive APDS and APEP being more restricted.

Melee Weapons

Most bladed melee weapons are available with stats equivalent to Superfine, Monowire, Hyperdense and/or Vibroblade options.

Eg. a MAC knife counts as Superfine in its basic form, while a MJL Power Claymore is a Vibroblade version of a Bastard Sword or Twohanded Sword.

Flux items

Flux items like the Flintlock and the Gore Cannon are systemwise just seen as the Accessibility components for Innate Attacks and Afflictions used by Ebb wielders.

Armour and Defences

Generally, all armour types from GURPS Ultra-Tech from TL 9 and 10 exists in the setting. No character will have any at the beginning of the game though.

Flux items.


Deathsuits are basically Bioplas suits from Ultra-Tech. They serve as the Accessibility component in many of the abilities that Ebb users can develop around that item, most notably extra Damage Resistance and other powers.


Combat Drugs

See this listing for a rundown. Note that the listing blends Ultra-Tech and SLA drugs.

When calculating Addiction disadvantage value, assume that SLA-specific (Rush, Ultraviolence etc.) combat drugs are at least Highly addictive and that they count as physiological addictions. None of the drugs are


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