Character Generation

Generating Characters for Slaughtertown

In SLA Industries, a player character can range from a cerebral
investigator to a corporate controlled madman: The only restrictions
are your imagination and your intrepidity.
SLA industries Core Book 1.0

Characters should be built on 200 points, with -100 points available in disadvantages.

Books generally available are:

  • Basic Set
  • Martial Arts
  • Powers
  • Ultra-Tech
  • Bio-Tech

Tech will be sampled for what is available – see elsewhere.

Characters should be designed and grown with an eye towards the fact that they can come to face just about ANYTHING. Early in the game combat skills and abilities useful in combat (such a vehicle skills) will be most important, but later on anything might become relevant. Infiltration skills and social skills will all come to be important.


No upper limit for attributes is given as such – but talk to me if you want to go above 20.

Secondary Attributes

Attributes and especially Secondary attributes follow the “realistic” guidelines in relation to how much Secondaries can vary from the baseline, ie, +/- 30% usually.

Eg. with a ST of 10, HP must be between 7 and 13.

Basic Speed can get a bonus of up to +2.00 and Move can be raised by +3 from Basic Speed (thus Move can be up to 5 higher than what the basic attributes say).


Racial options remain Racial (Humans don’t have eg. Peripheral Vision) … unless some modification as been made – hence Bio-Tech.

Supernatural options are generally only avalable to Ebon and Brainwasters – the “magical” races of the game.

I encourage hardiness in your character. The ability to stay functional is important, so liberal amounts of Fit, Very Fit, High Pain Threshold, Hard to Kill and Hard to Subdue are advised.

Especially, try to get your Death Check score to 16 (eg. HT 14 and Very Fit will do this). You’ll need it.

Security Clearance Level

In SLA, your level of SCL is equivalent to Rank. The system has 11 levels, with characters starting at 11 and decreasing from there. During the game, the characters will earn SCL points, usually in fractions of a point, by completeing missions. Every time a character reaches at least 1.0 SCL points, (s)he may increase rank by one framework point. This is usually NOT a full Rank point, but rather a step up the lettered sub-levels. Only when all letters have been moved through can a character go up a full SCL level.

Each step costs 1 CP. The first takes you from 11 to 10, then the next to 10A, the third to 9 etc. When you reach a new number, you gain 1 level of Rank seen from a GURPS perspective. Thus different levels of rank cost differently, ie Rank 1 (SCL 10) is only 1 CP, while some of the upper ranks cost 7 CP to move through.


10 10A
9 9A 9B
8 8A 8B 8C
7 7A 7B 7C 7D
6 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E
5 5A 5B 5C 5D 5E 5F
4 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F
3 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F
2 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F

Ebb Powers

Ebb Powers are constructed using the Advantage-based Powers approach. In the original SLA material, such powers are defined in a fairly structured system with leveled power trees and such. This game takes a more relaxed approach, and allow Ebb users to basically build the powers from those lists they feel like, subject to GM approval. Constuctors should strive to stay inside the general nomenclature. This is Munchkin-land – don’t get mixed in with the populace too much. Keep it (relaitvely) simple.

The principle of Multiplicative Modifiers is used.

The Reliable enhancement can be used to counteract negative modifers for powers. If there are no negative modifiers to counteract, it is limited to a +3 bonus from then on. So if a power has no modifiers, Reliable can be taken in 3 levels. If the power usually has a -5 modifer, 8 levels can ba taken.

Ebb Modifiers

Ebb Powers all have the Ebb (-10%) power modifier. Development and use of Ebb abilities require the character having at least one level of Ebb Power Talent. Ebb Talent costs 10 points pr. level, max. level is 4.

All Ebb powers must have at least the Costs Fatigue limitation at it’s lowest level. Flux expenditure is represented as Fatigue loss. Extra Flux can be bought as an Energy Reserve (Powers).

Most Ebb Attack powers and most defence powers against direct/kinetic/energy attack require the use/brandiching/wearing of the Flintlock, the Gore Cannon or the Deathsuit. This counts as Accessibility limitations worth -10% on those kinds of powers. The Power counts as Weakened (half power) if the relevant item is not present.

Example Power: Blast

Innate Attack, piercing, 3 levels (15 CP base) (this is arbitrary – could be 1 level, could be 20! for a powerful Ebb user)

Accurate 3 (15%)
Armour Divisor (2) (50%)

Ebb (-10%)
Accessibility (Flintlock) (-10%)
Costs Fatigue 2 (-10%) (note that this is arbitrary – it could have been 1)

Final cost: (1.65 * 15 = 24,75, * 0.7 = 17.325, rounding to 18 points.

A special, house rule note on Afflictions: In this game, Afflictions are 10 points base plus 5 points pr. level of the advantage.


This game allows up to 100 points in disadvantages.

SLA Industries is all about fucking maniacs, psychopaths, selv-serving bastards and the like – most of these points should go into the kinds of disadvantages that makes up a person that would even comtemplate earning his money the way you are going to.

Drug addiction: This is common in the setting (and a prerequisite for Frother status). You start the game with a couple of days worth of supply – then you’re out!


To ensure some breadth of ability, skill levels are capped at the [Attribute]+10 level.

Character Generation

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